October 2015


We wish to thank you all for your careful attention to detail and awesome installation. Thank you for taking care of our condo. We appreciate your hard work. We will certainly recommend you all to our friends in need of similar services.
— Tom Winfree
September 2015


Thanks for your help!
— Steve Gerhardt
September 2015

Thank so much for all your help!
— Bonnie Fouts
July 2015

Thank you Leah! Job well done!
— Liz Elliott
May 2015


Knowing exactly what I was trying to describe, but not knowing what it was called, shows you take an interest in your work. Also ready to help your customers.

Instead of waiting for the usual way things were done you found a way to get the carpet rake sooner. This shows you solve problems.

You work for a good company and I'm sure they appreciate a person of your ability.

Thank you,
— Dorothy
April 2015


My carpet looks awesome!

Thank you for squeezing me into your schedule.
— Sharon Young
August 2014

Dear Shirley,

Yes, Mark and Bill did an outstanding job on the floor, and we are very pleased with the results. I made the comment to Mark that we appreciated the work and felt that no shortcuts were taken, they went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied.

We would like to thank you for the professional way in which you have handled this difficult and costly process, it speaks volumes on you and your business. We will definitely look to GYF for any future requirements. Feel free to use us as a reference.
— Bob and Cherie Grifface
January 2014

Dear Shirley,

I want to thank you and all the of the people who worked on the Fresquez House in Lincoln. The floors are unbelievable!! I am forever in your debt. You bailed me out when I was running out of steam. I hope to finish in the next couple of weeks.

Please stop by and see all that you did for us.

Thank you again.

— Tom Mann
February 2013

I am sitting in my "new" home and cannot believe it's really mine! We could not be happier!

Mark came over today and took care of everything that was left. He even called the plumber to come over and check my R.O. water. My mind is totally blown by the speed, accuracy, and totally friendly service that Golden Yarn provides. I never had to worry about my home while I was not there. Seriously, the experience was above and beyond what I could have ever expected....from the first time I walked thru your door until Marked walked out my door today. Yourself, Jared, Leah, Mark, David, Shannon, the carpet guys, Prestige, plumbers.... TOP NOTCH! Thank you all!
— Annette Adkins
March 2013

Dear Shirley,

I just wanted to give you my congratulations for this great letter of recommendation (letter below from Ms. Stevens). It is not unusual for the Chamber to get complaint letters, but it is very rare that we see letters of this nature.

You and your staff are obviously doing all you can to make sure your customers are happy and I am sure that this will pay off for Golden Yarn. I think it is an incredible honor to have customers that will take the time to write a letter commending you for your professionalism.

You are an asset to our Community and the Chamber of Commerce is proud that you are a member of our organization

— Becky Brooks
January 2013,

Dear Ms. Schenk,

I want to thank you and Jared for the professionalism in which you handled the installation of the floor coverings at our townhome. The expert way in which the work was performed and the time in which it was performed was truly commendable. Your motto of "Let Us Floor You" did precisely that.

I wish I had asked for referrals from the community of businesses to help me select a company that would give me top priority services and products. I didn't ask for referrals and instead had to correct a mistake. I had contracted with [Local Flooring Business] to do the work and to my dismay it ended in inconvenience, disappointment, and anxiety. Therefore, I had to contemplate "what to do", so of course I did what I should have done in the beginning. I asked several businesses for a referral and explained what happened. Your company, Golden Yarn, was referred more than once.

I will highly recommend Golden Yarn to anyone in the area looking for the products and services which your company offers.

Thank you again for your help in completing this project in an expert and timely manner.

— Orel-Ann Stevens